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MacBook Pro Is The #1 ‘Best Performing’ Windows Laptop

MacBook Pro Is The #1 ‘Best Performing' Windows Laptop

In the past few months Soluto has been comparing a few different brands of Windows based laptops on how often they crash, average boot time etc.

Number one on the list is the mid-2012 Apple MacBook Pro 13″; running Windows on bootcamp after it crashed 0.88 times a week and had an average boot time of 151 seconds. The MacBook pro beat many other top end Windows laptops including multiple Dell and Acer machines.

Soluto thought the reason the MacBook Pro did so well is because it was a clean install of Windows and did not come with all of the other Windows ‘crapware’ which many manufactures install on their Windows machines straight out of the factory.

The 15″; MacBook Pro Retina was also on the list but did suffer most crashes per week than the 13″; MacBook Pro but this is blamed on the extra power needed for the retina display.

Just a quick note, how many of you thought I had got the headline wrong ?


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