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MacBook Drowned? Here is What to Do

MacBook Drowned? Here is What to Do

You should be careful while placing a drink near your system. In case it spills on it, there is a lot that you may have to pay. There will be battery, hard disk, and a lot of other things.

What if a liquid falls on your system? Here’s what you should do:

1. Unplug

Most people just freeze with shock as a liquid spills on the system. Do not waste precious time, and quickly unplug the system. Though the latest laptops have liquid detection technology that makes them shut down automatically, but such a case will not be covered by your warranty.

Anyway, do not waste time and quickly shut it down.

2. Flip it

After shutting it down, quickly put it upside down so that it is in L-shape. This position will make a lot of liquid fall out of your keyboard. Lay a towel under the laptop to make it absorb the max liquid.

3. Open laptop back

Unscrew the back of the laptop using a screw driver.

4. Remove hard disk and battery

Before you carry on with this step, touch a few metal objects to eliminate potential static electricity that might be in your body.

Now quickly remove the hard disk and battery. The liquid can seep in and corrupt your files as well.

5. Dry it

Use a paper towel to dry your computer from the inside. It might take long if the liquid has reached far off places, but it generally takes 10-15 minutes.

6. Cotton and alcohol

Now you need to remove acid and sugar from your logic board. If you don’t do it can corrode the wiring with time. Take a cotton swab and put some alcohol on it. Rub it on stained areas lightly. If you can reach the keyboard backside, clean it too.

7. Wait

Now leave your laptop alone for about 3-5 days and let it dry off naturally. All this while, the battery should be out of the system.

8. Pray

After the waiting period is over, fit everything at its place and turn the system back on. If everything is fine, it will boot up normally. But in case the hard disk or battery is damaged, you will have to take it to the repair shop.

Have you ever faced such a situation? How did you act then, and did your Mac work fine after the accident? Do write to us.

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