gfxCardStatus 2.1

A recent development in the MacBook Pro model of apple is its battery life which has been declared as much better by its predecessors from which casual users may not bother about discovering […]

The Newest Of The New

Here is a quick rundown of the newest Apple products to hit the shelves this year, plus some rumours on what is to come next year. As we all know, Apple like to […]

The Best Terminal Emulator For Mac OS X

The Mac OS X has built a great terminal editor but from various alternatives, one that has outclassed all similar programs is the iTerm2 which is considered as the best terminal emulator for […]

iOS And OS X: Two Evolutionary Paths

Revolving in its fourth year since its debut, apple’s iOS has evolved out too many changes within it. The device was initially launched as an operating system for only one device and with […]

Can FileVault 2 And Find My Mac foil thieves?

Apple has introduced a new way of tracking thieves by an excellent trick within the Mac OS X by combining the FileVault 2 with the Find My Mac Service of iCloud. FileVault 2 […]

iWork On iCloud, iOS 5 And Mac OS X – A Review

When iOS 5 was launched earlier in October, a touting key feature of it was the capability to sync in seamlessly and create and atmosphere of sharing of documents between iPhones and iPads […]