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Mac Troubleshooting Made Easy 2

Mac Troubleshooting Made Easy 2

In our previous post, we discussed Mac troubleshooting. There is so much to discuss that even if we cut it short, it would still take at least two posts, and this is why we continue the discussion here.

Resetting PRAM

Turn on your system while holding the Command + R + P + Option. Keep holding it till you get the system music thrice.

Resetting Non volatile RAM

Turn on your system and hold Command + F + O + Option. On the command prompt, enter reset-nvram. Now hit the Return key.

You can also use online resources and look for more info.

Mac Forums

These forums have a lot of info about various topics. There is a search button on the top right side. Enter what you are looking for. You can even refine the search by searching inside a particular thread.

Apple knowledge base

If you still do not know what to do, go to Apple Support. Now you can browse and find articles or just search for the info you need.

Run Apple Test

If you reached here without any resolution problems, then chances are that there are no hardware problems. The Apple test of hardware runs in various ways, depending upon your Mac type.

Considering installing it again?

Before you reinstall the system, you should know that OS X does not very commonly need complete reinstallation. If you are a Windows user, you might find it hard to believe, but OS X does not permit the users to make big modifications. Mostly these changes are limited to the Home directory.

Before trying to reinstall your operating system, create a new account. This doesn’t mean that you have to delete your old one. Just make a new one and see if it also gives the same problem. If it works fine, you can copy the data from old folder and then you can delete the old account.

Have you completed all these steps? Are you still facing problems? Generally all problems would be resolved if all these steps are followed. In case you do not find a solution in Mac forums, you can post your question there and wait for someone to answer. Make sure you follow these steps and let us know if your problem is solved.

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