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Mac Software Review: iLife 11

We all know that macs are great for creating new projects, and the new iLife 11 package is just further proof of this. With iPhoto 11, iMovie 11, GarageBand 11, iWeb (v3.0.2), and iDVD (v7.1) iLife 11 is the must have pack if you like to create exciting and entertaining photos, movies, and music. This is just a quick little software review of the new additions to the iLife family that will make you want to welcome them with open arms.

The biggest updates with iPhoto all have to do with sharing. After you have taken your photos you will want to share them with everyone, and now you can. With the share option down the bottom right of the screen you can choose to upload your photos to FaceBook or you can add it to an e-mail. With FaceBook sharing you can select an album that you’ve already created or you can make a new one for this specific event. When someone comments on your photo in FaceBook it will appear in iPhoto. E-mailing is also a lot easier and a lot more fun with iPhoto 11. You can easily select who you want to e-mail through your contacts as well as choosing e-mail templates as a great and interesting way to attach the photos. They won’t just come in a lump on the e-mail but in a lovely collage or mosaic. You can also track the people that you’ve sent the photos to as well as the date and time so you don’t get confused and resend them. It’s also easier to order books and cards from iPhoto. Turn your holiday snaps into a coffee table book or your favourite photo of you and your partner into a wedding announcement with just a few clicks on your mouse.

It’s also easy to share your special moments with iMovie with great new themes. Choose from action movie, spy trailer, or news update, plus lots more to create a unique film made from your own film clips. When you select a theme iMovie uses a template that includes world-class music, great transitions and effects, and titles that you can update with your own family information. Select the adventure movie trailer and you will be told which clips work best in which positions, like where an action clip should go versus a static shot. You can even select a production studio logo and fill in the credits that roll at the end. iMovie also comes with some great new features like instant replay and snap shot freeze so you can turn every film into a movie.

GarageBand 11 comes with a great new feature called ‘how did I play?’ that helps you to learn from your mistakes and actually gives you feedback. GarageBand now listens to what you’re playing and will make mention of when a note or chord was playing wrong, and it will even give you some tips to help you improve. It also keeps track of your results so you can watch as you improve overtime.

Look for iLife 11 in store or at the mac app store and start creating now.

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