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Mac OS X-Snow Leopard Update

The Macintosh OS is Apple’s operating system and has been around for a long time. A lot more people are coming towards the Mac OS X and one of the reasons is that Apple never stops releasing frequent updates for the OS to fix the problems faced by the users.  Apple has been releasing several updates for its Mac OS X and the new update is known as the snow leopard. Mac has always been compared to windows and it has been trying to keep up with the Microsoft OS. Apple has been releasing several updates that include minor change logs for Mac users. However, no step has been taken for new and potential Mac users as there has not been any major change. The small change logs are only to fulfill the needs of the current Mac users.

The system requirements of the new snow leopard are:

  1. A Mac computer with an Intel processor is a MUST.
  2. The RAM recommended is at least 2 GB. However, 1 GB is the minimum required RAM for the OS.
  3. 5 GB of internal hard disk is also needed for the OS and an external USB drive is also a MUST have.
  4. NVidia’s graphic drivers are also recommended for a relatively good experience.

There have been several improvements in the system. Firstly, the performance has increased by using up a lesser virtual memory. This way, more applications can now be used at the same time which is less likely to cause frequent system crashes. Boot up time has also decreased and the OS now boots up way faster than the previous version. Another improvement in the OS is that now every application is 64-bit supported. This means that Apple actually did some hard work by rewriting certain applications to make them 64-bit capable. The dock has been changed a bit and now displays the items in a grid view. This allows users to view much more in the dock than they previously could. Another thing that has been changed is the widely used QuickTime player. The player has been listed in the applications installer. Many of the Mac OS users were rather happy with the old and classic QuickTime features. However, apple changed the entire QuickTime player and all of its features in an attempt to make it more user-friendly with more options. However, this has received negative reviews as the classic QuickTime player has been taken away from the users and the new player is not appreciated by many users.

The snow leopard hasn’t changed much visually and is almost the same as the previous leopard update. The home screen and the dock are the same and the applications have the same interface as well. There has been a slight improvement in terms of features and applications that many Mac users wanted for a long time. However, this update has not been the most successful Mac update as many Mac users have found this update to be somewhat inappropriate. However, there are users who are happy with the performance and the memory optimization of the new update and have appreciated the Snow Leopard update.

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