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Mac OS X Mountain Lion Launching July 25th ?

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Launching 07y 25th ?

Mountain Lion Coming 25th July

At WWDC 2012 Apple announced they would be launching Mac OS X Mountain Lion to the public in July but did not mention any specific dates. Today we have heard from a few a couple of Apple employees based in America who have mentioned that they have been asked to work overnight to launch OS X Mountain Lion.

Another factor which makes us believe it will launch on the 25th July is Apple has a earnings call scheduled for the 24th. This matches with the launch of OS X Lion which was launched on the 20th  July again just a day after a Apple’s earnings call which was held last year on the 19th July.

From speaking to a few more over sea’s apple retail employees it sounds like a lot of stores have not been informed about the extended overnight shifts.

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