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Mac Hardware

If you’ve ever used a mac or a mac book then there’s no doubt that you would have noticed something&#8230- different about the product. Sure, the apps are easier to locate and to use the picture quality is excellent, and you can find your way around like you’ve been using it all your life, but there are some other fundamental differences between a mac and any other computer, and this is thanks to the hardware.

The hardware of an iMac or a mac book pro is something that has gone through many years of trails and testing. Even when it appears that Apple are releasing a new product once every few years it’s safe to assume that this product has gone through a lot of testing to make it to that point. Each new mac product has gone through so many design tests that the finished product is 100% of what it can be.

One of the most fundamental differences between the hardware of a mac book and that of any other laptop is the body. Those of you who are on a Dell or Lenovo laptop at the moment should look down, because you’ll notice that there are a lot of different parts there keeping the thing together. Mac books don’t have this problem. Apple have created what they call the uni-body approach to building laptops and they have found that this not only results in a thinner and lightly laptop, but it makes for one that is more resilient and harder to damage. The uni-body shell is made from one solid piece of aluminium as opposed to many different pieces of plastic. This accounts for the drastic difference in weight that you’ll notice when you’re holding an average laptop in one hand and a mac book in the other.

The multi-touch trackpad is another one of Apple’s intuitive designs, taken from the ease of use that everyone reported on when they used an iPhone or an iPad. Technology is changing fast and the science fiction of yesterday is the future of tomorrow. Or today, when you think about it. Remember those old sci-fi movies when the person controlling the computer only moved their fingers around and the computer obeyed? Well while we’re not quite there yet, Apple has made the design leap in removing the mouse from the equation and bringing us one step closer to the future. We know that laptops and notebooks come with a touchpad that is often very difficult to use, but Apple have gone one better and not only advanced the technology on the touchpad but has brought out touchpad’s for their desktop macs too. This means that everyone will be swiping and pinching their way through their apps and documents in no time. The way to use this touchpad is simple- two fingers vertically up or down initiates scroll, one finger tapping the right hand corner of the pad activates secondary commands, and three fingers swiping horizontally left to right or right to left allows you to swipe through photos in your photo stream or pages in your Pages document.

There’s something different about mac hardware- it works.

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