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Mac Google Reader: Top 5 Apps for Free

Mac Google Reader: Top 5 Apps for Free

RSS is a great thing and it’s getting more famous each day. If you like RSS feeds, then you already know that Google Reader is the best way to sync and manage feeds. But if you do not want to work on its web interface, then you can get the desktop app.

Mac Reeder has received a lot of wow from people who are on the iOS. It is simple and anyone can understand its working in just a couple of minutes.It’s free, plus it syncs nicely with Google Reader. This is a recent app and it will get better with updates.

Gruml is also a new application that has become popular. It is more like the traditional RSS reader, with a lot of features to enhance its beauty.

NetNewsWire is another famous reader and is quite similar to Gruml because it supports tabs and social network integration etc. There is a recent lighter version that you can get for free. NetNewsWire is probably the most famous one out there.

Caffeinated is another promising option. It lies somewhere between NetNewsWire and Gruml and supports social networks and is clutter free. We all are waiting for it. Its apps are quite stunning and the overall look is very appealing.

Vienna is the open source app that is like NetNewsWire and Gruml in both looks and features, except that it is simpler. It gives you a clutter free interface with all the important features. It has options for social networks and tabbed browsing. Though it does not have Google Reader presently, but it might soon be there.

So as you can see, there are a lot of great RSS reader apps working well with Google Reader. They work great, and get better with regular updates. Which app do you use? Or do you have some other app that is not in our list? Do let us know by sending your comments.


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