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Mac Dictionary – Getting the Most

Mac Dictionary – Getting the Most

If you read the title and thought to yourself ‘Mac has a dictionary??’, then the answer is ‘Hell yeah.’

Since this dictionary is embedded in your system, you will find it at various places.

How to look for a word’s definition in any dictionary? Open the application. Type the word, and you are done. It is simple, but not exciting.

Here is the difference: Click on a word in definition part to look for the meaning of it. Just do it once and you will see the ‘Snap Back’ orange icon show up in the search part. If you click on it, you will be directed back to the original search word.

There are many cool tricks. For example, you searched for “Surname”. The dictionary tool will show it as “sur•name”- broken by the syllable! But if you copy it and paste it in some other application, it will appear as “surname.”

And there is yet more. Take any Cocoa app (for instance, Safari), and highlight any word and do Control-Command-D. You will see a small window that would show the definition of that word and alternative(s) for it. In case that term is any Apple product, you will see the official description of that product. You can click on ‘More’ given at the window bottom, and it will open the dictionary.

Or let’s just say that you want to use any word often and it is not in the dictionary. You can control- or right- click on it, and then select ‘Learn Spelling’, and it will be added to the dictionary.

It is not just a compilation of definitions. It is possible to switch between Wikipedia, Apple products’ official descriptions and thesaurus. You can also use the Go Menu and select the option “Front/Back Matter” to access great information, for example:

  • Chemical elements
  • Various countries
  • History of English
  • Proofreader’s marks

And then you can click each and every word there to get its definition. And if you still aren’t excited, here is something for you- you can look through each photograph in the dictionary just by going to

Library/Dictionaries/New Oxford American Dictionary.dictionary/Contents/Images

and then changing to the Cover Flow view.

This app may be new to you, but it is certainly helpful. If you didn’t know about it earlier, now you do. So do not forget to take advantage of it. If you already knew about it, leave us your comments and let us know about some other cool features of this dictionary.

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