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Mac Applications–The new Choice

Mac Applications–The new Choice

When users switch from Windows to Macintosh (Mac) the prime concern among them is to how to go about changing all your applications. The two most chief areas are the Office utilities that are Word, Excel and PowerPoint and secondly the browsers.

When you shift from Windows to Mac you have pretty good choices at your disposal. For Office application you can buy the ‘office’ suite which has been named as iWork. It’s a complete package for all Office tools. For example an application by the name of Pages serves what Word does in Windows. Keynote is another name for PowerPoint while the application Numbers works the same way as Excel does in Windows. Other than this the best office applications available are: Microsoft Office, Open Office and the Apple iWork as mentioned above. If you were to look at the compatibility of Microsoft Office and Mac you will definitely call it the best choice. Moreover the prices have been lowered considerably that is within $100 to $200, making it an affordable option for many.

Also one thing that has made Microsoft Office to lessen their prices is the iWork Suite. iWork has improved tremendously over the last few years. Currently if you want to buy the spreadsheet program Numbers the price is $19.99 or you could simply buy the five user pack for family for as low as around $100.However if you are one of those who look for a free option everywhere, you can get your hands on Open Office. This free option has its own attraction among many users despite it not being well-groomed as others in initially. Now with the latest improvements it works like any other Mac applications where all the operations of Work are provided here.

Another brilliant option is to install software named Parallels. This is usually termed as running‘visualization’ software in your Mac system. Once you install it your OS takes a form of a virtual machine where now you are able to install Microsoft Windows which will further enable you to install all your Windows software as you used to. Here when the Windows function in another environment which is the Mac here, Windows operate the same way as it would do on its own independent way. When it is inside its ‘virtual’ state it works as it does in it own ‘real’ atmosphere. This option is inexpensive if you prefer this mode over purchasing Microsoft for Mac Os. Moreover, the idea seems very feasible when you see Windows operating inside a single Window while the rest of your pc is in the Mac mode. The software Parallel works at an amazing speed and is also inclusive of a ‘full screen mode’ which enables the Windows to make use of a full screen like any Mac application would do. From all angles it would look as if you’re operating with Windows with all your hardware functioning on the Mac.

Although many users consider Mac a more expensive choice in comparison to Windows Computer System but given the number of utilities provided by Mac its all very much justified. The system comes with all kinds of free applications from the likes of GarageBand, FrontRow, iWeb and iMovie. Moreover the software Time Machine facilitates the procedure of creating backups for the data for your computer and wouldn’t be an underestimation if called Mac backup software. Other than this the Mac DVD Player allows you to play DVD, something that they charge you for in the Windows system.

Furthermore Mac seems like perfect for home computer users since all the free add-ons options, plus all the user-friendly options such as connecting a digital camera with Mac is all very simple to do. Plus many users have been reported to have been spared from the expense of anti-viruses programs hence the users are saved from this trouble too.

Lastly Apple has also altered its “Best Mac Software” landscape which means that you wouldn’t have to take the trouble to search for the Vest Mac Software at places like Amazon and Google. Instead what you can do is look for the Mac App Store and search for the most high-rated in terms of selling Mac applications. This incentive is once again great for many end-users and developers and further popularizes Mac System.




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