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Mac App Store- What’s in Store for You?

Mac App Store- What's in Store for You?

This just in- Apple made an announcement that App Store for Mac is now open for business and there are more than 1000 available apps. To use Mac App Store, you need to have the OS X version 10.6.6 that can be downloaded through Software Update. What are the changes brought by Mac App Store?

There are many changes and one of them is lower prices- maybe not too low, but lower than what other developers charge these days. So yes, Apple is definitely making a marketplace that is new and did not exist before. This is the reason why it gets a 30% cut, along with why the sales volume should rise.

And then there is another thing that simpler apps have. The complicated ones are tough to categorize. And since there is limited space on the App page, they are difficult to clarify to customers. Apps doing single jobs are much simpler to understand- and thus easier to sell.

Though there is this App Store now, you can still buy apps from developers. For some time, there will a period when software will be sold and bought. The question now is, for how long?

Are you an OS X developer? What do you think about this store? Are you making plans to lower your prices or do you wish to sell your apps to this store? What other thoughts do you have? Do let us know.

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