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Mac, All the Time Most Attractive And Flexible Operating System

Mac is nothing but a desktop operating system. Actually it just like windows but now used by most of the Macintosh computers. It is designed, manufactured, marketed and developed by Apple Inc.  Mac OS is also another name of Mac. Since 1984 when, it was launched, by Apple&#8217-s then Chairman and now late Steve Jobs. Now almost every product of Apple is using Mac for their operations. It is important to note that Apple does not allow it for non Apple based computers.  It is completely graphical user interface based system for users.

At that that times a classical Mac OS was developed with a revolutionary aims in computer technologies. After it step by step apple released their upgraded systems with new features included like system1 to system7. On July 1997 Apple computers now released Mac OS 8. It is considered as one the most successful and popular software of Apple Inc because it sailed approximately 2.2 million copies within first two weeks.

Now here Mac generation did not stop, rather Apple launched their next generation Copland, Mac OS 8.0, Mac OS 8.0, Mac OS 8.1, Mac OS 8.5, Mac OS 8.5.1, and Mac OS 8.6 with its different versions. Mac 8.0 was launched on July 1997 with a code name Tempo and was used in computer Power Macintosh G3. Similarly, on January 19, 1998 updated Mac OS 8 first time free of cost with a code name Bride of Buster and used in iMac. IMac is latest desktops computer released by Apple. Same iMac (Bondi Blue) used its next versions with little changes that code names are Allegro (8.5) and The Ric Ford Releases (8.5.1). Now iBook used veronica which is a code name of 8.6 versions.

Now Apple made their major release Mac OS 9 which was released in October 23, 1999. It was considered a marvelous internet operating system ever because it was integrated with Sherlock 2&#8242-s Internet search property and improved open transport networking. It was highly impressive as compare to any other Mac OS released in past according to its environment. It was featured with many features like usb audio, cd burning, addition of window menu finder and many more like that.  Like past Mac operating systems Apple also released its different versions with different code names. Mac OS 9&#8242-s different versions were released with the releases of different Macintosh models according to need. It is also UNIX based Mac.

It is very important to know that Tablet computers of Apple organization like ipad and smart phones iphone and Ipod etc are also using Mac.  Like any other apps for Mac supporting systems, Apple has now released their latest Apple TV software update 4.4.3. Keep in mind that it will be available via Apple TV and one can update it by using Setting&gt-General&gt-Update software. This update is released on 17th of November 2011. Questions is that what changes has been made in this version, actually they had renamed iTunes to iCloud under the music of category. It also adds support for Netflix in Mexico and fixes audio problems which were already present in your TV.

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