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Lost Kidz Review

lost kidz iconLost Kidz is an excellent iPhone app and a classic example of how social networking can be put to good use. Losing a child is every parent’s nightmare and they do have a habit of wandering off, curious little scamps that they are. But while finding them in a busy supermarket is one thing, there are much more serious cases of missing children every day and it is this problem that the creators of Lost Kidz hope to solve.

The app is designed to help parents locate their missing children and relies on the helpfulness and vigilance of those who install it. The idea came about when one of its creators, Stephen Fern, lost one of his kids during a holiday in France. While the ordeal only lasted 25 minutes it was long enough cause serious concern for the child’s wellbeing. Fortunately he found the child and made it a mission to help parents everywhere avoid the same stress.

From this determination Lost Kidz was born and if you have a heart you should download it now! The app is available in the Appstore and it won’t cost you a penny to download it and set up a basic account, but your involvement could be the one thing that reunites a parent in need somewhere with her child. With this account you will be sent an alert whenever a child is reported missing near your location, which includes a photo of the child and any information the parents have supplied. After that it is up to you to keep your eyes open and if you do manage to find and identify the child you will be able to contact the parents and put their minds at ease.

lost kidz app screenshot

If you are the parent in question and need to send out one of these alerts then you will need to open a parents’ account for a mere 99 cents, which is nothing when the safety of your child is at stake. The app is quick and effective, provided there are enough people in the vicinity with it installed on their phone. The initial alert you send out will go to all Lost Kidz users in a one mile radius, which is far enough if they have just gone missing. However the radius increases over time and by the time two hours have passed, every user within 30 miles will be aware of your plight.

This is the kind of app everyone should download. While the incentive for parents is obvious, it only truly works with the voluntary involvement of everyone else. The more users the app has, the higher the chance of someone finding a child, and since it is completely free to at least help others and the app only makes itself known when you receive an alert, it is hard to think of a reason not to download it.

Lost Kidz is the kind of app more people should be creating and I highly recommend that every iPhone owner get involved.

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