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Little Snitch for Mac App Review

While working on your Mac you may have noticed that it has a habit of doing things without asking you first, which can be annoying and slightly worrying if you are unsure what action it is taking. While you do have a firewall keeping uninvited guests out of your Mac, you can never be entirely sure just what is being sent out. This happens all the time in fact and you are not always notified, so if you are looking for a way to keep an eye on just what your Mac is up to, then look no further than Little Snitch 3, available now for $35.

Little Snitch is a great piece of software that keeps an eye on your Mac’s activity and intercepts whenever it tries to send information out. You can then check exactly what it wants to do before approving it. In its newest incarnation, Little Snitch also provides a very good inbound service, making it a much more complete firewall app to keep your Mac as impenetrable as you want it to be.

Little Snitch really is an excellent way to keep control of this and it is suitable for all levels of computer literacy, whether you are a casual user who just wants a bit of security or an expert who wants to dig deep into such network activity and see all the ins and outs. Little Snitch gives you as much power as you want over proceedings and whatever you don’t want to do, it will simply do for you. Leave it to do its thing and it operates perfectly but you can also customise it to provide you with as much access and control as you want.

Little Snitch has a very user-friendly interface that anyone should be able to navigate without fuss. It is also easy to read and understand what is going on. You will be notified of any unsolicited network activity going on so you can act accordingly. Of course, it may become annoying to have to approve every little thing but fortunately you can configure it to automatically allow the more common activities that don’t concern you. Some things are already set for automatic approval but you will have the option to change this. Any new activity is reported to you and you can do what you want with it. You are also presented with full details so you can get a better understanding of it.

In addition to setting rules, you can also add duration to them and there is a Forever button that makes it permanent. You will probably use it a lot at first but it is a useful feature as new ones you are unsure about can be given temporary approval to see how it goes.

Little Snitch 3 is one of the best pieces of security you can buy for the Mac and it comes in at a very reasonable price. Giving you total control over proceedings if you wish, this is a very easy-to-use and customisable application that will give you some much needed peace of mind.

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