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Listen to Radio and Record it on Mac System

Listen to Radio and Record it on Mac System

Radio has changed a lot, and there are no signs that it will just go. Turning on the radio is highly convenient and it will give you endless stream of music. In fact, if you want new music, then there can be no better way.

Local radio stations, however, are not very good. This is why there is online radio. There are a number of online radios out there however, you need some app to listen to those stations. Here are some apps that will rock your radio listening as well as recording experience:


You might not know about the radio capability of iTunes. They might not offer in depth or highly impressive radio abilities, but they still work quite well. You may have to change the settings of iTunes to start this function. When you do this, you will see the Radio tab present in the library. You can just click on it, and you will find a lot of categories. And you can pick any radio station from there.

If you talk about its functionality, then iTunes Radio player will not exactly impress you. Though there are many radio stations in the radio library, but you can also add your own radio stations. But sadly there is no way in which you can mark some stations as your favorite. You cannot even record the songs, and you cannot search the stations for given keywords.

So in case you use iTunes, you can use it for listening to radio as well. But if you want a complete app for radio experience, then here it is:


Radium is an app that will permit you to almost any radio station that you want. You can even import radio stations from a URL or iTunes. Apart from that, you can also search for a given keyword.

You are also allowed to add subscription stations, for example, Sirius and Last.Fm. And the coolest part is that you can manage everything through the menu bar, and it is all very simple.


Try Last.Fm and it might become your favorite website. It is a social network about music, and it has a radio that keeps track of tracks you listen to. It has a Mac tool as well. It solves various purposes like to send data to their website about what tracks you listen to. You can also love the songs, tag them or share them with friends etc. But the radio is the most important feature.

This radio is different from other apps. It collects information about your preferences and plays tracks that match your taste. This way you can find great music that you’ll like. But the limitation is if you do not reside in UK or USA, then you would have to pay to use this service.

Which app are you using to get radio? Share some info about it with us if you find it great. We will wait for your comments.

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