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Lightt for iPhone App Review

Lightt is a difficult app to categorise because, although it deals with photos, it brings a fresh new approach to the medium. Instagram may be the photo filtering software that everyone has gone crazy about but Lightt has something else to offer. The best description of what it actually does is to create a “visual timeline”, which is not a world away from a gif. If you spend any amount of time on the internet you will probably have seen a gif, which is a sort of animated picture and has provided a platform for hordes of meme-lovers to hone their craft. If this sounds like the kind of thing you would like to create, then Lightt might be worth a look, although you will need to convince Google you are spelling it right before it comes up with any results.

Lightt allows you to create sequences of pictures animated together, much like a flipbook. These sequences are called “highlights” and they capture 10 seconds in the form of a series of pictures, which are then played successively to bring them to life. This is fairly simple to do as the interface is laid out nice and clearly. When it comes to shooting, you will be presented with a camera button on the screen and a tap of it will record a ten-second highlight. While you cannot change the length of the sequence, you can shoot back to back for events that require more time. Once shooting is complete you will be able to view your sequence, which plays on a loop.

This time may sound restrictive but you would be surprised how much can happen in ten seconds and once you get used to the idea, you can create some pretty special highlights. These will all be kept in a handy gallery, which is easy enough to navigate. Sharing your highlights is also easy and simply involves tapping a share button, which will allow you to post your work on Facebook and Twitter and show off your handiwork.

If you are a bit unsure if what to do when you first start it then a handy tutorial has been included to guide you through but it won’t be long before you get the hang of it. You will need to set up an account through it, rather than using an existing Facebook account but this isn’t really a problem and won’t be a hindrance when you wish to share our work.

Lightt is an unusual app but a fun one to use. While the sequences are not as fluid as film, they still have an endearing quality to them and it is a very satisfying way to capture little silent snippets from your life. Controls are easy to use and it won’t be long before you have a whole gallery of your own highlights. Lightt is free from the App Store now.

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