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LifeProof case for iPhone 5

LifeProof was the first brand that opened my eyes to the world of waterproof cases. Their presence at the Apple Store stood out with their bright colors (dark available too) & premium packaging. After quickly viewing one of the demo units I had to learn more. Today I have for you the LifeProof Fre iPhone 5 case which we are going to get a walkthrough of the entire case as well as my experience thus far.

LifeProof is not just a brand but a description as to what their cases are supposed to protect you from, life itself. LifeProof is considered the thinnest & lightest all-purpose case. It is engineered to be water-proof, dirt-proof, snow-proof, and shock-proof. With so many proofs it is built to take on any situation you may occur in life.

Compared to cases in the say category of protection the LifeProof is possibly the easiest to apply & detach. It is a standard two piece case that snaps together along the perimeter. At the bottom where the charging port would be located you will find a latch that secures the case together as well acts as a door to the charging port.

Since this case is waterproof the device needs to be air tight which means when in full use the entire device is covered & sealed. The physical buttons are protected by a soft plastic material that is just perfect enough to use them with ease. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the mute toggle is also covered with a built-in mechanism to activate the toggle without having to remove any materials. The charging port is covered by the mentioned latch that is tight and secure when locked. There is a sponge material to make sure no water penetrates. Cases like these get tricky when it comes to headphones. I have seen different designs to keep the headphone jack safe from water but functional when you need it. LifeProof uses a screw like plug with a sealer to prevent water seeping in. It does take work to get the screw off & on which at times can get pretty irritating but it nice to not have to unlatch the entire locking mechanism at the bottom just to listen to music with your headphones. It is a tight fit and so far I have only had luck using the original Apple headphones that came with the iPhone 5. No other headphone jack I’ve come across is the right size to fit the hole.

The finish of the case has a simple yet lightly rugged finish. It is great for grip and is easy to whip off any scuffs or scratches. The thickness added is only 1.5mm at each edge which I have no problem with since it actually helps with holding the longer iPhone 5. Unlike others the LifeProof case stays true the iPhone design the best it can. It doesn’t alter it as much as others and really keep its original shape.

The screen protector is really good but not great. In pictures it looks like a tight fit but in reality it is a flexible protector. The majority of the screen protector is touching the screen at all times but there are areas that don’t. It is still 100% functional and look really good.

LifeProof meets every important standards that makes this case very durable. LifeProof meets the MIL STD 810F-516 (Military Standard) is a specific standard that addresses functional drop. “This standard requires that the item can physically and functionally withstand the relatively infrequent, non-repetitive shocks encountered in handling, transportation, and service environments.” It also meets the IEL 60529 which is the standard for Ingress Protection from water and dust for enclosures. LifeProof is set to survive usage under water & drop height up to 6.6 feet maximum.

It is nice having zero worries when using LifeProof on my iPhone 5. It took some time to get used to but it is definitely a great feeling. My phone has survived multiple drops from waist high and the daunting toilet swim already. The touchscreen is unusable while under water but if you start recording before entering the water you can take some great video while under water. I was worried about sound quality for the ear piece and speakers at first. After my time with LifeProof I had no issues with quality or sound levels. I was still able to hear music, watch movies, and talk on the phone with zero obstructions.

LifeProof retails for $79.99 which is comparable to others in the market ($68 on Amazon). Clearly this is a hefty price for a case but is the going rate for a very durable case. It really protects your $550+ invest and nearly eliminates any & all worries you might have. If you ended up not getting Apple Care then this is a great second option.

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The protection is simply amazing. I went from worrying when I placed my iPhone into my pocket to not a care in the world. Thickness is a giving for these type of cases but they do a nice job with the design and keeping it relatively light weight. Overall very satisfied with this case. All it comes down to is if you have the money to purchase it. For those that find it expensive do fret simply looking on Amazon.
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