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LifeLine Response for iPhone Review

LifeLine Response for iPhone Review

There are many apps that have the aim of making life slightly more convenient, which is all well and good in the short term, but not so common is one that can actually save your life. This is one reason why LifeLine is worth your attention but the effectiveness of it is what makes it worth paying for. This is the kind of app you hope you will never need to use but will feel more secure for having as it is designed to help prevent crimes happening to you and helping alert authorities in the unfortunate event that they do.

There are two modes in LifeLine, either of which could save your life:

Thumb Mode

When you turn Thumb Mode on the app will be activated and you must keep your thumb firmly on the screen because if you release it, you will set it off.

The idea is if you are walking along alone at night and you carry your iPhone with thumb mode on, you will be able to activate it instantly if you are assaulted. In fact you probably won’t have a choice. If someone attacks you and tries to steal it, they’ll be in for some serious trouble if they stick around.







Timer Mode

Timer Mode is better suited if your hands aren’t free, such as when you are carrying things. You can set the timer to countdown after an appropriate amount of time, depending on what you are doing. Once it reaches zero, it is activated.

Whichever mode you choose will lead to the same results. The volume will immediately turn up to maximum, the camera will flash and your iPhone will automatically contact the authorities. They will ask if you are ok and if the answer is no, or you are unable to answer, the police will be notified and sent to your location.





GPS will keep track of where you are and all contacts you have entered into the app will be automatically texted.

You can also set a silent alarm so that if your attacker tries to get you to turn the app off, you can activate it without them knowing and the emergency call centre will hear it.

This is an excellent idea for an app and it works really well. If you find yourself in an insecure situation then it can offer some peace of mind and will help get help sent to you as soon as possible if anything does happen to you.

LifeLine Response is not cheap but it is worth every penny, especially if you live in a dangerous area or pass through one on a regular basis. It costs $3.99 for a 45 day trial but at the end of this you will need to purchase it for $1.99 if you wish to continue using it. If you are lucky enough to never have to use it you may see it as a waste of money but the way I see it, you can’t put a price on safety.

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