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Lifeboat Luke Introduces Spotisodes

Lifeboat Luke Introduces Spotisodes

Northern Ireland based production company Straandlooper Animation has announced what it believes to be a first, the rollout of its exciting 52 part animated kids TV series Lifeboat Luke, as interactive games called ‘Spotisodes’. Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch they will be released every Friday throughout the year on the iTunes App Store.


Friday 1st January 2010 saw the release of Spotisode 1. The new games give players the opportunity to watch episodes of Lifeboat Luke interactively, ‘spotting’ a number of set items that appear throughout the story. If they tap the screen to select each item and get them all right, they release a password which will unlock exclusive Lifeboat Luke colouring pages online at

2010 is the centenary year of the Lifeboat in the real life town of Donaghadee on the County Down coast in Northern Ireland and since Lifeboat Luke is set in the mad, magical seaside town of Donaghadoo – marking the centenary of the real Lifeboat with the release of the weekly Spotisodes featuring its fictional counterpart seemed like perfect timing.

The games are designed to keep young minds busy and fingers nimble, the mobile format making them perfect for long journeys or keeping idle hands occupied during shopping trips.

The featured stories follow the search and rescue adventures of Lifeboat Luke and his crew and introduce young audiences to sea and water safety issues. Made in association with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, the charity that saves lives at sea in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, a percentage of all profits go towards helping the volunteer crews of the RNLI.

Lifeboat Luke is an animated series of 52×5 minute episodes. The search and rescue adventures for 4-7 year olds and their salty grandparents has now sold to over 25 broadcast territories around the world with other territories joining during 2010.

Other products released in 2009 included:

  • Shared reading book ‘Rubberduckadoo’
  • DVD – ‘Donaghadoodle 1′
  • iApp- ‘Keek on a Crab’ (available from iTunes.)
  • A new half-hour seasonal ‘special’ Snowdiddleyhohohelp! is in preparation for release Christmas 2010.
  • Further books and DVDs are also planned.

Get the first instalment here.

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