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Lenovo Plans To Use Motorola To Exceed Apple & Samsung

Le11o Plans To Use Motorola To Exceed Apple & Samsung

Lenovo has been in the spot light ever they surprised us with the recent acquisition of Motorola from Google. Lenovo’s CEO, Yuanqing Yang did an interview with American news website CNNMoney in which he talked a lot about what seems to be a at the minute a vey undecided  future plan for Motorola.

Of course the CEO was asked about the market leaders in the mobile industry and if he thought that the partnership between Lenovo and Motorola could compete with companies such as Apple and Samsung.

With Motorola, Lenovo will be the No. 3 smartphone maker worldwide. Do you think your company can catch up with Apple or Samsung, who are still far ahead of you? And how long will it take?

Definitely, over time. Our mission is to surpass them.

Yang has still got what could be critical decision to make and its what branding they choose to go with for the new handsets wether its Motorola, Lenovo or Motorola by Lenovo.

So there will be no Lenovo-branded phones in the U.S.?

We haven’t made a final decision. Most likely we will leverage the Motorola brand, but it could be something like “Motorola by Lenovo.”

In China, certainly we will keep the Lenovo brand, but it is possible that we will reintroduce the Motorola brand as well. We have a full range of channels to sell our phones, so for different channels we could use different brands to maximize our sales volume.

SourceCNN Money

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