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Leave Mouse and Gain Speed on Your Mac

Leave Mouse and Gain Speed on Your Mac

There are many reasons why power users work faster on their Macs. And since your fingers are almost always on the keyboard, taking them off to control the mouse requires time. So if you want to save some time, you can learn keyboard shortcuts and get faster on your Mac. Get rid of the mouse… here are some shortcutting details.

Common shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to gain speed. Here are some basic ones- Command-X for cut, Command-C for copy and Command-V for paste. Command-W is used to close a window and Command-Tab will allow you to switch between open apps.

Many experienced users forget about the Command-~ combination that goes through running windows of the present application. And to switch between tabs, you can use Command-Shift.

Make your own

If you use a menu command too often and there is no shortcut for it, then you can make one. Go to ‘Keyboard Preferences’ under ‘System Preferences’. Select ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ and go to ‘Application Shortcuts’.

Now click on the ‘Plus’ button and select the app for which you want to add a shortcut. Now give the menu command and your preferred key combination. Your shortcut will be created.

Keyboard access

Turn the full keyboard access feature on. It will allow you to use Tab to shift keyboard focus among different controls. As you go through forms, dialog boxes and web pages on Mac, the Tab key will allow you to shift between them.

You can use Spotlight to create even more magic for your keyboard. These apps let you make full use of your keyboard.

As you start using more keyboard shortcuts, you will see that your speed has increased. Try creating and using your own shortcuts. What are the options that require the most shortcuts? Tell us from your experience.

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