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Latest Productivity Apps

Latest Productivity Apps

A true fact is that being productive in your work is always not quite easy. In being so, a long list of to-do’s is created among which the prioritizing of jobs and tasks become a very difficult job to be done. Using the right application on the Mac operating systems, can help you out in your work so that not only the work is done perfectly and efficiently but you can save some of your time for other stuff as well. Below mentioned are the latest application of the Mac OS X and are readily available on the Mac app Store.

1. Cloud

This freeware is installed on the system and appears on the menu bar. As soon as you get yourself registered with it, all you have to do is to be to drag and drop the files within the icon of the Cloud from where they will be automatically uploaded onto the Web. A link to the file is then automatically copied onto the clipboard which enables you to gain access and share that file (which can also be managed by the Cloud’s web app) through e-mails or social interface websites. The limit of uploading a file is set to 25MB with 10 uploads daily.

2. Sparrow

The market of Google e-mail service cannot be knocked off that easily. The opportunity of unlimited storage space plus the access to the service via IMAP, but, the point where Gmail is a bit low is the presentation side of it and this is the place where the Sparrow makes an entry. It supports Gmail and various other IMAP packages and provides a beautiful look and presentation to the e-mail area. The benefits of adding pictures from the Facebook account, scanning via e-mail conversations, faster writing and archiving plus the adding up of multiple accounts are the major reasons why Google should consider acquiring this ?5.99 app.

3. Evernote

Evernote can be termed as a virtual brain in which all those things can be stored which the user, in actual, can forget. After a new note is created, images, text and web pages can also be inserted in it, all are then safely stored onto the web. As a result, the online locker can be accessed through Mac apps along with supporting apps on cell phones. The free version of the application allows a file transfer of up to 60GB; however, if you require more transfers, a nominal amount should be paid for it.

4. Things

Managing of tasks is something most of the people are fond of and this application of the Mac OS X will surprise them with the features that are being offered here. This ?30 program has the ability to manage tasks, create projects, provides synchronization between the iCal and iPhones through different iOS apps, manage multiple user and many more. This application has been turned out to be an exceptionally great organizational tool especially for those who deal in heavy cash every day.

5. MindNode

The Mac App has promised to serve you in every aspect of your life and in fulfilling this claim; the MindNode app has been developed. It undertakes the function of adding, editing and organizing entries (nodes) and derives a meaningful connection within them. The freeware application also allows the user to import and export famous mind-mapping formats such as OPML and FreeMind.

6. iA Writer on Mac OS X

This ?11 application is developed by iA. The release of this program on iPads received great response and is now made usable on Mac OS X which can be obtained via the Mac App Stores. This simple text editor is also inclusive of typography as well as a user friendly interface.

7. Fantastical

Talking about calendar apps, iCal is probably the best app a user might require, but, using Fantastical makes the use of it better. This application enables the user to have a drop-down overview of the upcoming events saved into it along with the option of adding and searching of an event. A compact interface, neat and coded with different colors makes the ?12 app a sensible one to manage all the events.

8. iProcrastinate

if you are reluctant in paying the price of Things application, trying out the iProcrastinate might help you out in your task management job. Although, the features are quite limited as compared to Things, but, in order to make small tasks, this freeware can be of great use.

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