Steve Jobs has truly gone –

After Steve Jobs resignation yesterday we had released that the Apple’s press website had not updated their leader board which give some people the reason to believe it was a hoax.But not Its […]

Steve Jobs to Remain on Disney Board –

We have had reports Steve Jobs will remain on the board of directors at The Walt Disney Company, according to the news channel Bloomberg TV.  Steve Jobs owns +7 percent of Disney after […]

Apple' s Share Already on the way down 7% –

Apple’s shares  fell by 7% in after-hours trading,This was after we reported that Steve Jobs is resigning as CEO at Apple, Steve Jobs led the company back from near-bankruptcy coming back in 1996 […]

Discovr Music App Review –

Discovr Music is a simple to use mind map of artist that you like. You can find it in the app store for ?1.49 which is a very decent price for iPad and […]

App Store's New Face! –

Apple has released  and begun to role out a new redesign for category home pages in the App Store. This means a new category feature will give the app store a more 21st century look. this feature has […]

Steve Jobs Steps Down as CEO at Apple –

Some unbelievable news come out of Cupertino, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has stepped down naming Tim Cook as his replacement. Apple said “Steve’s extraordinary vision and leadership saved Apple and guided it to […]