PhotoBooth Coming To All iDevices in new IOS Build ? –

Another Twitter user (@rrrandiferous) has been searching IOS 5 beta 6 for iPhone and has claimed to of found that we maybe getting Photobooth and all its effects on iPhones. @rrrandiferous tweeted earlier saying: here’s […]

Forget IOS5 are Apple already working on IOS6

Thanks to twitter user @Wiserjoe727 who was searching through the roots files . We now have a picture which may suggest Apple are already working on IOS6. Want to have a look at […]

Doubts cast over lost iPhone prototype case story –

SFWeekly had recently called the San Francisco Police Department regarding the recent case about the missing iPhone prototype They called only to discover that the police department had no records of any investigation […]

Apple Release IOS 5 Beta 7 to Developers

iOS 5 beta 7 and Xcode 4.2 with iOS 5 SDK beta 7 are now available for Apple Developers. You can get access to the new beta by going to Apples Development center […]

Another iPhone Prototype Lost –

Another Apple employee has now reported to have lost a prototype iPhone at a bar. The iPhone prototype was reported to have been lost in late July in a Mexican restaurant in San […]

iPhone 5 icon found in Photo Stream Beta ? –

Apples most recent Photo Stream Beta application seems to hold some icons which match up the rumours of which suggest the iPhone 5  or iPhone 4s will have a bigger screen and also […]

Jonathan Ive as Apple's Product Visonary –

With Steve Jobs leaving Apple due to most likely medical reasons Apple’s Product Visionary position has been left empty.  Jonathan Ive has been chosen for this position because of his creativity.  He has […]