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Koku App Review

Personal finance is always a bit of a burden to have to work through, no matter how good or bad your financial situation can be. it does help that there are all kinds of applications to guide you through it all but even then it still feels like a chore to deal with it all. Fortunately there are some out there that simplify the experience somewhat and boil it down to the basics. After all, why should it be more complicated than it needs to be? One such application is Koku, which costs $30 and is compatible for both the Mac and iOS devices.

Koku aims to make your personal finances as simple a task as possible and it does a rather good job of it. It’s main strengths lie in tracking your financial activities, although when it comes to reconciling debits and credits it does leave something to be desired.

However it is the simplicity that makes this an app worth trying. The interface is laid out incredibly clearly, with your accounts, reports and transactions all listed neatly on the left for easy access. Adding an account is a simple job that just requires the push of a button and then entering all the details, although you can do this even more quickly by importing data directly from your bank. You will need to configure the app to your bank first, which can be done through a download on its website. Either method works fine, although the latter does not cover all banks so you may just have to do it manually.

Koku will then organise all your transactions into categories for easy viewing and you can also use the data to create various charts and reports. These reports are also very simplistic but tell you exactly what you need to know and they are easily customisable. Tags help you keep track of what is what so you can see exactly what a transaction was spent on. This is especially useful when you want to figure out just how much you spend a month on various things, as you can select the appropriate tag, put in a date range and then generate a report on it in seconds.

If you go for the iOs version you will find it does not offer all the features the Mac version has but it should prove more than adequate for basic accounting if that is all you need to do. You also cannot import files form the bank to iOS devices so everything will need to be done manually but this is still a quick, easy process.

What it does not do so well is reconciliation. Any uncleared transactions will not be presented so clearly and it will be up to you to sort it out manually. However the direct connect feature for the Mac does at least sort this aspect out so if you go for either version, the Mac one is superior. This is a flawed but very effective app. If you just want to keep an eye on transactions then it is more than adequate but if you want more detailed control of your finances, you should look elsewhere.

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