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Kingston Releases MobileLite Wireless: Card Reader & Charger

Kingston mobile products successfully started with their Wi-Drive. It allowed users to wirelessly share files throughout multiple devices simultaneously. A limitation of the Wi-Drive was the internal storage; otherwise, it is a fantastic device. Kingston has released their next generation wireless device the MobileLite Wireless.

The MobileLite Wireless works very similar to the Wi-Drive in which you access your content via Wi-Fi 802.11g/n (wireless security (WPA2) if needed) via an application. However, USB drives & SD cards instead of a predetermined internal storage amount provide the storage space. The MobileLite Wireless has two ports that include a USB 2.0 & SD Card slot that can read SD, SDHC, SDXC, and micro SD with proper adapter.

What makes this product different and very special is the ability to change out storage devices to gain access to new content. I have accumulated my fair share of USB devices and SD cards that I can put back to use with this product. If a USB drive fills up, I can simply pull it out, insert another, and continue. The MobileLite Wireless can store any file type but the playback of those files depends on the support of the mobile device.

The MobileLite Wireless also doubles as a source of battery for your devices. It contains a rechargeable Li-Polymer 1800 mAh 3.7v Battery that can power a device up to 5 hours with continuous use. When purchasing the MobileLite Wireless you can expect to receive a micro SD adapter, USB to micro USB cable, and the MobileLite Wireless unit in the box. Even though it only comes with a USB to micro usb cable you can use your OEM lightning cable to charge your new iOS products or your 30pin connector for the other iOS products.

Currently Kingston only has an iOS application to support this product. Kingston has plans to release an Android & WP8 application very soon. Currently the only retailers that will be carrying the MobileLite Wireless are Amazon & Staples for $69.99. Learn more about MobileLite Wireless at

SourceKingston (MobileLite Wireless)

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