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Keynote to YouTube

Keynote to YouTube

Over the last few years I have tried to move away from the traditional paper handout and explore offering course material in a range of different formats. With Apple Keynote I have offered iPod / iPhone versions of presentations to download via shared areas and VLEs 

This week I have started to update my presentations to Keynote 09 and in doing so have discovered a number of new features when it comes to sharing formats.

Firstly the problematic export to ‘flash’ has now gone. You can still export to images, Quicktime, html and iPod but 09 introduces a new ‘send to YouTube’ feature. It should be noted that the export options have also moved from the File Menu to a new ‘Share’ menu like that on iMovie.


Keynote offers massive potential in the production of teaching resources with features such as the ability to export to Quicktime, unique slide and element transitions and also the ease in which media can be managed. I haven’t even mentioned the brilliant alpha feature that allows you to completely remove a colour from an image.

I have been playing with the YouTube export settings and have concluded that presentations destined for YouTube will likely have be a slightly altered version of the original Keynote.

I haven’t quite got my head around how presentations that contain video clips will fair given the user has to set the slide  time (see below) but for basic content the YouTube feature offers a whole new way to share this type of content.


The first thing to note videos uploaded to YouTube with the ‘personal video’ option ticked are set as private automatically. The private feature allows the video to be limited to 25 user accounts so this may be restrictive for some applications.

Any suggestions on how to best limit access to uploaded content (if even necessary) would be appreciated. This maybe for an entire department that has more than 25 members etc.

This is my second attempt to send to YouTube, in The first instance I had  the slideshow document size set to 1024?768. For some reason this added white bars at the top and bottom of the presentation. This version is  1280?720.

I am not sure what you think of the quality of the final video. Firstly it is a particularly uninteresting presentation. Some of the smaller text boxes are a little hard to read and perhaps I would tweak future presentations for exporting to YouTube.

To be honest there wasn’t a massive jump in quality between the Mobile and Medium options and a ‘High’ option would be a nice additional feature.

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