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Keeping iTunes Music in Cloud

Keeping iTunes Music in Cloud

Apple still hasn’t introduced an easy way to store music in Cloud for MobileMe users or a subscription for streaming iTunes. But mSpot is a service that will cure this problem. It offers online space to store music absolutely free of cost- till a certain limit.

When you download the mSpot uploader application for your OS X, you get 2GB free space- you just need to give your email id and password. After that, the uploader will start uploading the iTunes library on mSpot. If this doesn’t work, you can simply start syncing. Problem arises if your iTunes library is larger than 2GB. In that case, you can either upload till the limit is reached, or increase the size to 40GB by paying $4 each month.

All you need to do is to get the free mSpot app from App Store. Create an account using the desktop application, and sign in using your device. Now you can stream your music without any worries. The mSpot app is easy to use, and is similar to the iPod app. If you select a song that hasn’t been played using mSpot, it will directly be downloaded to your system. So you pay online once, and you can replay it any number of times later on.

And why would anyone want to stream anyway? The main reason would be because the entire music library does not fit into the system at once. If this is the reason why you want streaming, change the settings to ‘Stream Only’, so that it does not get stored locally. But this would eat through a small data plan, so better get an unlimited one.

Though this app also works on iPad, but it is not universal. But still, it you own the 16 GB iPad and need just a little space for music, then this app would be great for you.

Another great feature of mSpot is that you can select the folders where you want to upload music. To manage folders, you can go to mSpot preferences and select the right options.

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