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Everybody has secrets, or so they say. It is of no difference in the computer world. Who does not have important files in their computers that are not for public consumption? If you are one of those people looking for ways to hide files on Mac computers, this might be what you need.
Most Mac users would like to learn how to get hold of Mac security software that they can use to secure Mac files and keep it away from prying eyes and wagging tongues.
The following are steps on how to password protect folder Mac. This would allow you security for Mac files. Dig in:

  1. Open the folder and select the file you would like to protect, right click and select the Get Info option. You can do this by clicking File > Get Info. Another procedure to do this is by pressing Command+I while your cursor is selecting that file.
  2. A pop up box will appear. Disregard the rest of the info except for that thing in the bottom labeled “Sharing & Permissions”. Click to show this data.
  3. Click the small icon found at the lower right portion of the page. Click on that to make the changes that you prefer.
  4. Enter your password once a dialogue box pops up. Click OK.
  5. You now have the privilege to change the settings of the file and control who sees it and who does not. Click the Write Only (Drop Box). After doing this, click the lock again to prevent changes.
  6. To finish the process of how to password protect folder Mac, check the “Locked” check box found at the General area in the Get Info box. Doing this procedure will forbid users from moving or deleting the folder without your consent. Thus, the step on how to lock a folder on Mac is so easy.
  7. Doing the aforementioned procedures will allow you private access to your folder. The next time somebody would open, view, move or delete the file, he has to procure the password first. You can hide folders Mac and get privacy over your precious files.


After knowing how to hide folders mac, you would like to know how you can make your Mac OS X show hidden files to you. The least you would like to happen is to hide folders and be banned yourself from viewing these hidden files. Here are simple steps to view have you Mac OSX show hidden files or folders:

  1. Activate Finder. If this is done, click the option Find on the File tab on the Menu bar.
  2. Select the reach of your search on the Searching window that opens. You have the option to search your home folder or the entire system.
  3. To be more specific in your search, add additional search criteria. You may place the filename, the size of the file, or the date of creation of the said file. Whenever you click the + sign on the right portion of the search window, you become more specific in your search.

It is that easy to hide and view files on Mac. You can password protect folders Mac and need not worry about your sibling or friend getting hold of confidential data.
Here is a keeper for you for your Mac encryption issues. The MacKeeper is a software utility designed to aid Mac users in their computer needs and preferences. You can clean your system for a faster search, as well as do other tasks like Mac password protect folders. It has a function called Encryptor that encrypts your files. While the steps above lets you hide files mac using a password, with Encryptor you can use an additional password to guarantee privacy and keep confidential files truly confidential.
Download the MacKeeper today for Mac security software that you can trust.

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