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Kaspersky Security for Mac Review

The threat of a virus has never seemed to worry Mac owners as much as PC owners but the fact is they are out there, they are malicious and if you do suffer a security breach it could seriously damage your machine or worse, result in the theft of important personal information. It is better to be safe than sorry and a good way to improve internet security is anti-virus software. Kapersky is a great example.

Kapersky has been a favourite for years and, while the Kapersky ONE suite was compatible with Mac operating systems, this version is geared towards them specifically and has more to offer for this reason so now is the time to buy. The features presented here go a lot further in protecting your Mac and does more than just block out troublesome viruses.

One of the great things about virus protection software is that it does all the work for you. Just surf the internet as usual and if you do encounter a dangerous website, Kapersky will notify you and steer you clear of it. It works by scanning the pages you look at in case they have any threatening coding that could be harmful to your Mac. It also checks links for you and reports back if any of them lead to high-risk areas.

A nice little touch is the virtual onscreen keyboard, which comes in useful when entering passwords. Certain malware programs, known as key-loggers, can keep track of what you are typing on the keyboard and record passwords you enter but with the virtual keyboard you can click it out instead and sneak past these programs.

Kapersky also allows for parental guidance as it can manually be set to block out certain sites of an adult or otherwise corruptive nature. Enter in beforehand the type of sites you would like to protect your kids from and if they attempt to access any, it will keep them locked out. Other settings allow you to restrict downloads and even time spent online, so you can rest easy when the children are playing around. Kapersky will stop them doing anything they shouldn’t.

It is features like this that make Kapersky Security for Mac particularly useful for family computers. While it does all the standard protection procedures and helps keep malicious software and other viruses out of your machine, it can also make sure your Mac is a safe environment for the children so they can enjoy their time online without having a nosy or worried parent looking over their shoulder. For a little extra you can also purchase a copy with three licenses on it so houses with multiple computers can also be covered in one go.

The development of a separate Kapersky program exclusively for the Mac has proven to be a great idea as this has a lot more to offer than the universal version. Malware can be kept at bay and your family can be kept safe from any content you would prefer them not to see. This is a great antivirus program and good value for money too.

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