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Juice up your iPhone

Juice up your iPhone

When Apple first announced the iPhone they weren’t just releasing an iPod with phone compatibility they were revolutionising the entire smartphone market. The iPhone completely changed the role of the mobile phone in our daily lives.

Over the last three years we have moved beyond calls and text messages to push email,getting things done, taking notes, gamingplaying guitar, stats, blogging, reading news,twitter, photography, google maps, facebook, skype, tv, and GPS to name but a few.

mor1Click here for more photos of the Mophie Juice Pack Air.

There is one area of my iPhone screen I check dozens of times throughout the day and that is sadly the battery level. Despite all the revolutionary upgrades to 3G and 3GS the issue of battery life still manages to dog most of us.

Charging my phone at every possible opportunity has come a natural part of everyday life and for me it is one of the few yet most significant negatives about the iPhone. This is particularly relevant when traveling when you tend to use your phone more and charging opportunities are at their least.  For the perfect solution welcome the Juice Pack Air.

The Juice Pack Air is an external battery / case solution for the iPhone 3G and 3Gs. The device connects to mains / computer via a micro  and better still they have included one on the pack.

You can use the Juice Pack Air in two ways, either as a permanent addition to your iPhone where you install the device as a case and sync and charge through the USB connection or alternatively you can simply use it as an accessory while traveling or during prolonged periods away from your computer.

If you opt to run the JPA as a permanent attachment to your phone the devices uses smart battery technology that uses the juice pack battery before the iPhone battery.

Over the last few days I have opted to for the latter and have been using it to charge my iPhone once the main battery reached about 20% charge (so generally around early evening). Once connected the power of the Juice pack is used to charge the main iPhone battery as a priority meaning it can be removed once it has done its job. The packaging claims to offer :

270 Standby hours,
or up to 4.5 hours on 3G,
or 5.4 hours of internet use via wifi,
or 20 hours audio use,
or up to 6 hours video playback.

I have found these times to be pretty accurate and with respect to internet use via wifi perhaps even conservative.

Charge time is 2-3 hours and the juice pack and it can be charged with your phone or separately by connecting it to a free USB slot on your computer or USB hub. The manual suggests the device is good for about 500 full cycles but remember you probably will be using it for topping up your phone so don’t be afraid to also top up your Juice Pack when you are back at your computer.

mophie3A small switch at the base of the Juice Pack Air turns the device on and off. You can still sync and charge your phone while on  but the Juice Pack will only be used as power source once the device is turned on (green).

As well as offering users almost twice the battery life compared to the standard battery the Juice Pack Air also doubles up as one of the most robust and durable cases we have seen. The entire phone is encased by the device with all the buttons and camera being easily accessible.

Click here to view all our photos of the Mophie Juice Pack Air.

Personally speaking I think the Juice Pack Air is an essential accessory for any iPhone owner who wants to rid themselves of the daily charging burden. The Juice Pack adds a little bit of additional weight and bulk but really not as much as I would have expected for an external battery pack.

The Juice pack is simple to use and offers the additional benefit of protecting the phone, if you considering a new case the additional cost for almost double the battery life makes perfect sense.

The Juice Pack Air (iPhone 3G and 3GS) costs ?64.99 and is available from Mophie UK direct. and I for one wouldn’t be without one

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