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Jobs Had Plans For Apple To Become A Mobile Carrier –

Jobs Had Plans For Apple To Become A Mobile Carrier

ComputerWorld today reported that Steve Jobs Former CEO of Apple was not happy with the way he had revolutionised the mobile industry and had bigger plans involving Apple starting its own wireless network.

Wireless Industry expert  John Stanton was working with Jobs for several years before he sadly passed away . It is said they were working on the idea of a wireless carrier which was would be using a Wi-Fi spectrum

Stanton, chairman of venture capital firm Trilogy Partners, said he spent a fair amount of time with Jobs between 2005 and 2007. “He wanted to replace carriers,” Stanton said of Jobs, the Apple founder and CEO who died Oct. 5 after a battle with cancer. “He and I spent a lot of time talking about whether synthetically you could create a carrier using Wi-Fi spectrum. That was part of his vision.

Jobs dropped the idea in 2007 for a unclear reason , but it is still cool to imagine how this would of shaken the mobile industry up again.

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