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Jasmine for iOS 6 Review

Jasmine for iOS 6 Review

It is no secret that the iPhone 5 has a disappointing lack of any integrated YouTube access and if you do want to use it, you need to download the new official app from the store. While Google’s update for the iPhone 5 is admittedly rather good, there is currently nothing new on offer for the iPad. However, the fact that it is a separate download does provide some room to shop around and try an alternative third-party application. Jasmine is one of these alternative apps and it is well worth a look, even giving the official app a run for its money.

Jasmine has a very basic but attractive interface that offers all the functionality you would expect from YouTube. Less is certainly more here and the minimalism is just an illusion, especially when you start to navigate and notice the way it has been nicely animated, giving the app a bit more life than if it were all static. It’s an unnecessary touch but it certainly adds to the appeal.
Jasmine has all the options that YouTube offers and the search has been well engineered. You can search and filter through different categories so it is easy to quickly find the video you are after. Browsing offers all kinds of options and organises videos into highest rated, most favourited, most viewed, as well including channels and categories so even if you have nothing in mind you are bound to find something good with a little help from the app.

All other features are present and correct, such as reading and writing comments under each video, a list of related videos and the ability to create and view playlists of all your favourites. A nice additional feature is the ability to play videos in the background which is especialy suited to users who like to use it for music while they do other things.

Navigation is nice and easy and you can watch a video in portrait or landscape with a simple tap on the corresponding thumbnail. Tap video information and a new screen will slide into view with all the relevant details about the video and its uploader. This screen is where comments go, as well as other options such as favouriting, liking and sharing. The minor flaw here is that if you are used to the standard youtube layout, you may not like the way Jasmine presents its information, with the comments section underneath all the other details but this hardly ruins it.

The main problem with the app overall is that you cannot upload your own videos so if this is an issue for you, you may want to stick to YouTube until they clear this up but otherwise Jasmine is more or less flawless in comparison.

Jasmine is completely free and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If you find you view a lot of videos on your device and need or want a decent alternative to the official app then this is the one for you.

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