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Jailbreaking iOS Device – Worth It?

Jailbreaking iOS Device – Worth It?

I have recently Jail broken my iPhone 3GS due to a friend advising me that it was better off, I was a bit sceptical about it to be quite frank but immediately it has benefited me or has it?

So I was told it was easy, I agree here. It fairly quick and simple to setup. I went for RedSn0w ( as this was specific for my platform. Piece of cheese. Literally. It guided you through everything, as long as you have a little bit of knowledge of a few concepts. I would recommended giving yourself a couple of hours to be safe if you so do decide to jailbreak your device. Ok, so back to the post. Is it worth jailbreaking your iOS device and compromising your Apple Warranty.

I took the decision of yes, touchwood I hope to not break my iPhone. Its a bit of a risk, but there is plenty of tutorials in replacing various parts on your iPhone. Without offending Apple they properly wouldnt do anything anyway, say if you drop your iOS device they would charge MORE than any smaller computer solutions business. So really if you dont do anything stupid you could get away with Jailbraking your device.

When you restore your device, your jailbroken device becomes unjailbroken. Its back to normal. When installing the firmware you MAY encounter a few problems but these are easy to get around, simply reset (sounds bad but it really isnt) or restart & installation your device a few times. Its easy to use and redsn0w provide you with all the information you need.


So why should your jailbreak your device?
Simple. Customization & Extra features. Its good fun making your spring board ultra cool, make your lock in screen look snazy, make your springboard 3D or your device invisible. Some of the coolest parts are just the pure range of customizations you can do!

Or if you dont want to show off your dare-devil hacking skills maybe try out some of the features that you *shouldn’t* have on your device. Shh, I actually have a Pay as You Go iPhone on Tescos, I’m not meant to have tethering, oh guess what? Yes, I have TetherMe a sweet little app that allows you to hook up your iPhone via bluetooth and hard-wire connection to your computer. Easily!

If you fill like some programming, if your like me, you can download iFiles which allows you to manually edit EVERYTHING on the device. Its great fun, but have some experience, its so easy to much your device up. Obviously you can restore it but that means you either have to re-jailbreak it or spend a long time looking a loading bar (which as you know isnt great fun!).


So far I have covered why I think its good to jailbreak your device and tried to touch on a few negative issues. For me battery life was such a pain. Downloading to many jailbroken apps for customization etc can cause you to lose battery quicker than you gain while charging. This sucks. So be careful, also it can be daunting deciding to play about with expensive equipment. I dont have the money to play around but after having it for a year iI wanted some change and extra features. To be honest there isn’t that many negative in which I can thing off. Obviously you lose your warranty but for me it didn’t bother me. Nor should it you.

So, yes its worth it but its up to you, there is plenty of help on the internet your not alone!

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