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iWork On iCloud, iOS 5 And Mac OS X – A Review

iWork On iCloud, iOS 5 And Mac OS X – A Review

When iOS 5 was launched earlier in October, a touting key feature of it was the capability to sync in seamlessly and create and atmosphere of sharing of documents between iPhones and iPads over the air through the iCloud application. However, Apple could have done better. From this, it is said that the offer of services and products by Apple which are standalone programs for the mobile device, collaborative apps is essential and it is hoped it will get better with time.

Keynotes, Numbers and Pages are considered as good standalone apps along with the great common interface for creating productivity among iPhones, iPads and Mac operating systems.


defining, it is a suite of several applications which is inclusive of Pages used for Word processing, Keynotes for making and editing presentations and Numbers, which is an Apple’s spreadsheet application. They are all termed as productivity programs, even for those users who have been using Microsoft Office Suite for a long period of time.

On the Mac operating system, the feature of Pages, offers a quite different layout as compared to Microsoft Word. The user is given a vast array of choices which includes dividing of a document into several sections, outlining, photos and shapes, adding of boxes for text writing, tables, comments and charts for users who collaborates. Moreover, the choice for fonts, colors, backgrounds, text and embedded multimedia.

iWork – (beta version)

if you are addicted to a certain level of working of the application, you will be quite disappointed with the it is not a web based program of the iWork application but, is a dashboard which keeps track, shares and downloads all iWork related documents and files into the Mac operating system. But, the action performed by this link is to take the user to the blog of iWork where the latest items are quite outdated. Apart from the browser interface, the Apple has created a share button onto the application upon clicking of which popup an easy to use menu for the purpose of sharing a file or document with other users, publishing a file on the Internet or simply making a document available for your own use in the future.

For iPhones and iPhones, iWork beta version, turns out to essentially being a sharing option which is integrated and not intuitive. Once a document is created within Pages, Keynote or Numbers, it cannot be shared with iWork beta directly. For the purpose of sharing the document, the user has to visit the entire menu of iWork documents on an iPhone or iPad. After opening it, click on the Edit option which will resultantly open the feature of sharing the documents. This method was eventually discovered through trail and error.

iCloud for iWork

if the situation would be that iWork beta serves as an application for synchronization and sharing of iWork based documents across platforms, the iCloud technology is then the hosting application for iWork.

The application of iCloud has so far been termed as a successful application. But, the Apple should still work harder to transform the iCloud into beta, and iWork to work in its full capacity under the platform of collaboration and productivity aspects. The areas which need to be considered are described as follows:

  • The first aspect that should be worked on is that the process involved is quite lengthy and requires too many steps in order to work with iCloud application. Firstly, an iCloud account should be operated and in many cases, additional storage is also required. The need to activate iCloud on each attached devices is also present followed with the activation of the program on al iWork app devices. All in all, it might take 10 long steps just to share a single document which ca be quite frustrating a times.
  • iCloud, iWork applications and does not make use of standard patterns for the purpose of sharing documents from mobile devices. It has to include a ‘share’ and ‘save’ feature within every document in order to get it shared with other people.

  • The functioning of bears quite resemblance with to the action of sending a link into a web-based document through e-mail. While the advantage of this is that, once shared, the collaborators can easily work on a file, make suggestions within it and writing up of comments, it consumes a lot of effort on he part of the user.

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