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iStudiez Pro : The Digital Homework Diary

iStudiez Pro : The Digital Homework Diary

Using my Mac, iPhone and now iPad I am continually looking for better ways of managing my education workflow. From planning lessons, managing coursework plans and collating results I seem to have files scattered everywhere across devices and hard drives. Spotlight is my saviour.

The problem of managing large amounts of educational data and self management is no different for my students, numerous subjects, homeworks, coursework deadlines, lack of self management can be a barrier to success.

There is something about the iPad that I think works in the education environment and I predict post Christmas 2010 schools are going to see a number of student iPads out in class in favour of the traditional exercise book. For such a student iStudiez Pro is the digital homework diary of the future.

iStudiez Pro It is a feature rich application :

  • Smart Today view automatically displays summary of current classes and tasks after basic schedule was input
  • Fully-featured and detailed schedule planner (Support of every other day, every other working day, every X days/weeks, A&B weeks schedule)
  • Option to add holidays and cancel separate classes
  • Interactive multifunctional calendar including expanded month and week views (in iPhone version) allowing to track and manage both your schedule and your assignments
  • Push notifications with flexible settings allowing you to get alerted of upcoming classes and tasks.
  • Color labels to mark each particular course
  • Stylish and comprehensively designed icons to distinguish key class types
  • Integrated address book for partners and separate area to input (or copy from contacts) key info related to instructors (including office hours, email, webpage, phone number)
  • Data Backup functionality

On first running the application iStudiez Pro offers you a sample database populated with a number of classes and assignments. The sample data is a great place to start and quickly demonstrates the power of this information management system. I was immediately impressed with the design and user interface. iStudiez Pro is an easy to use app that offers students a set of professional educational self management tools.

Adding content to the application is simple with the ability to add courses and shape them easily around defined holiday periods. If you are worried about spending time programming your life into a single application with the fear of it crashing and the data being lost then fear not.

iStudiez Pro offers a backup feature allowing your entire database of content to emailed to you as attachment with an equally simple restore procedure. You literally have to click on the email attachment for the data to be restored.

I am not focusing in on how to use the app as there really isn’t any point, the interface is clean, intuitive and frankly beautiful. There is literally zero learning needed to use iStudiez Pro.

If only there was a similar application for teachers that allowed the managing of the other side of the educational fence. How brilliant would it be to have the ability to use the software to add assignments to student’s istudiez Pro over wifi ?

Perhaps I am skipping ahead a few years but there is massive potential in the iStudiez Pro application that I think could be developed into a complete class / student management system, the interface would make it a joy to use.

Back to the present. If you are a student trying to juggle a number of courses then this application is going to be a life saver. At a cost of only ?1.79 !!!  it is aimed firmly at price any student can afford. I think I would like the ability to add additional custom items to the calendar but to be honest the developers have covered the major needs of any student.

With hints of a desktop version on the website blog I can’t help but be excited about the iStudiez experience.

It would be brilliant if school’s could offer customised databases with the specific school holidays and even school policies accessible within the app but again education is quite ready for a mass school wide digital diary (yet).

To keep it simple if you are a student then iStudiez Pro needs to be on your iPhone or iPad. You can get it here. (iTunes).

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