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iSay-uSay: Everybody Say Fun! With this Catch Phrase Game

isay usayIdeal for mega parties, especially when a little drunk, iSay-uSay is a game of fast everything: talking thinking and guessing – on steroids… It’s the revamped, modern, gadget-friendly version of the old school Catch Phrase game, where a player would describe a word or phrase and the others will attempt to guess it as fast as they could.

iSay can “accommodate” up to 10 players at a time, saving lifetime stats of your past competitions for posterity.


A Player Library is available to you, under your direct control, with full features such as create/edit/delete players options, or use the import/export utility to show your high score and game details to your friends – something to brag about for sure.

The game first chooses a “Clue Master” and a phrase or specific word is given from the category specified by you. The Clue Master then has to say the right words, phrases or do the appropriate gestures to get the guessers to say the word.

Both the guesser and the clue master gain points for a fast guess, or loose points if they are unable to guess until time runs out.

A new clue master is picked afterwards, and the story goes on. At the end of a game, the one with the top points wins.

iSay has a neat and really easy to use interface, and with just a few obvious taps you’ll be on your way to the game. Its library can store up to 15 player profiles that can just be dragged and dropped for a new game.

Custom categories and phrases can also be set up, but they can also be shared with your friends via import/export. Any simple text editor can be used for a copy and paste operation to the specially designed import screen, and you’re ready to play using your new words.

Randomizing a category or word is a process well thought off, as you won’t get the same phrase or word twice until you’ve passed through all of the entries first…

Various options help you weak your gaming experience just the way you like, by configuring the time you should be allowed each round, time a word is displayed, or the victory conditions: a certain number of points or minutes passed.

This game can be very entertaining for your kids as well, and also can help them learn various names and words while having fun. Of course, things get fun as the crowd grows…

iSay-uSay costs the standard $0.99 and it’s well worth the money in case you ever get bored at a party, or have to break the ice in some way.

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