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iPod Shuffle Signed By Steve Jobs Reaches $4,000+ And Then Disapears –

iPod Shuffle Signed By Steve Jobs Reaches $4,000+ And Then Disapears

Earlier today we seen multiple online media source’s reporting on the Rare iPod Nano signed by the former Apple CEO  , Steve Jobs. The signature on the iPod box does look very similar to other signings from Jobs but the seller did not offer any authentication of the signature but did supply us with a very interesting story :

As part of a “innovators of tomorrow” program, myself and a 3 of my colleagues were invited to attend an in-house Apple event. Before hand, we received complimentary Apple products, including an iPod Shuffle and iTunes credits. As usual, the topics covered touched base on were a number of Apple’s latest innovations, as well as a sneak peak to future plans. After the conference, we were given the opportunity to talk with Steve himself about the shift in technology to more companion-oriented devices. As the discussion wrapped up, one person in our group asked if Steve would mind signing our iPods.

As the conversation went: “I hear you’re not really one to give autographs, but I just gotta ask….will you sign my iPod? It’s fine if you don’t want to. I’m not normally one to even ask for autographs”. Steve: *chuckling* “it’s quite alright. You heard that about me?? well I wouldn’t say that I don’t like giving autographs, I guess I was never comfortable with the idea solely taking credit for something, which is to me what an autograph might imply. To be honest, I think I’m the last person who should sign something. A writer signing a book I can understand, but I think if anybody within our company should sign something, it should be members from our R&D team and all the others responsible for product innovation. It’s unfortunate that they all can’t receive the same level recognition. But I suppose it’s easier this way though??….you would need a pretty big iPod to fit all those signatures”.

He was very candid and very down to earth. To my knowledge, we were the only ones lucky enough to get Steve’s ever-so-rare signature.

The auction was at just over $4,000 at 10:45AM Pacific time but when recently checking back for the current price to find the item had been removed:

This listing (180776382933) has been removed, or this item is not available.

With this item generating this much media attention we have seen an increase in signed items from Steve Jobs him self.

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