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iPod, iPad, iPhone: Which One Do You Need?

iPod, iPad, iPhone: Which One Do You Need?

The world is now full of things that begin with a little ‘i’, and there are so many devices out there that it can be hard to know what device you need. Whether you’re just getting into the smart devices age or you are looking to upgrade your blackberry to a newer model, this is the article for you. Here you will find some great information about the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone that will hopefully help you to make up your mind as to which device you need.

The iPod touch:

Different to the humble iPod (now called the iPod classic thanks to the many generations of iPod ranging from the tiny shuffle to the 16 GB iPod), the iPod touch has 3.5 inch colour screen that you can touch and manipulate to swipe through songs or to type notes. The original iPod was a relatively small device that made portable music cool and fun, but the newest generation (at time of writing) iPod touch has taken this goal and run further. You can now watch movies or TV episodes on your iPod as well as play games, read books, e-mail friends, update contacts, and even place video calls with the FaceTime app. The touch has two cameras—one on the front and one on the back—so you can talk to someone and see their face as they are talking to and seeing you. With iOS 5 you can message people without having to have a cell phone, the message service uses your data or Wi-Fi and you can communicate with people who are using message or who are text messaging.

The iPhone:

Everything you could ever need out of a phone plus more. Many parents will argue that you don’t need such an expensive phone until you show them what it can do. Multiple calls and photo caller ID, text message groups with messages listen rather than separated so you can keep track of the conversation, great apps that allow you to sit back and relax or to calculate your taxes, an intelligent e-mail service that checks all of your separate accounts and draws in your new messages, a music and movie player so you will be jamming no matter where you are. This is the phone that has it all, and if you get the iPhone 4S you also get Siri, the world’s first intelligent voice command that understands the human language and will do what you want even if you don’t articulate it very well. Simply say “call mom” and Siri will dial her for you or say “text my wife that I’m running late” and she will do that, too, as well as check the weather reports, the stock numbers, and anything else that you ask her to.

The iPad:

One of the world’s best tablet PCs and clearly the world’s favourite if the initial rush to buy it was anything to go by. The iPad is the tablet of kings and men as well as mothers, students, and everybody else as well. With a screen almost as big as some laptops, you can do a lot more on the iPad than you thought you could. The bigger screen and access to the latest and greatest apps means that you no longer have to worry about lugging around a heavy laptop or a bag of books—they are all in the one device. Type notes in class or reports for work on the same device that you can use to e-mail friends your latest vacation photos. Use iBooks to read stories to your children before they go to bed or use FaceTime to chat with them from across the country or across the world. The latest iPad update will come with the same message service as the iPod touch so you can have text chats without the need to pay hefty phone bills (although data charges may apply).

Which device you want will depend on what you need it for. FaceTime and iMessage means that you can have text and voice conversations without the need of actually having a phone, so it’s best to look at other things that you will want out of the device. If you will by using it for a lot of reading and typing then the iPad is your best choice, but if you will mostly be using it for entertainment and music then the iPod touch will be more up your ally. If you want them all in one then go with the iPhone.

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