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iPhonific : iPhone Dedicated Photography

iPhonific : iPhone Dedicated Photography

Today FlixelPix has launched a new website focused on photos captured and posted using only a mobile is a new offering from the photographer and is designed to be a mix of iphonic experimentation wrapped up in the concept of a photo 365.

David Commented “With the release of iPhone 4 mobile camera technology has come on leaps and bounds. I have always wanted to embark on a Photo 365 and experimenting with the iPhone and a range of different Apps seems like the logical challenge”.

The iphonific website is broken down into categories and every photo will arrive on site directly from the handset. There won’t be any Lightroom, Aperture or Photoshop enhancements instead David is relying on the latest mobile software to tweak the images directly on the phone.

Welcoming Comments

David commented “iPhonific isn’t a self indulgent journey, it is simply a way of taking post production and advance DSLR settings out of the equation allowing there to be focus on composition. I would appreciate as much feedback as photographers can offer on the photos, feedback is how we learn”.

You can follow the site via the RSS feed and each photo will be posted via the @flixelpix twitter account.



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