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iPhones – The Most Modern Technology Of 21st Century!

iPhones – The Most Modern Technology Of 21st Century!

Iphone in movie terms is like Matrix.  The way Matrix took over the movie business and left an ever prominent mark, in the same way the iphone is a legend amongst all other phones. This product by apple was the pioneer in making something so much more revolutionary than an ordinary cell phone. It’s sophisticated yet simple. User friendly yet has tremendous areas to be explored. The iphones have been released in four major models till now. Each model has hade covered a milestone in its own right. There are rumors and speculations on the imminent arrival of its fifth major model, the iphone 5. The iphone 4 is extremely rich with applications and has a classier design. Iphone lovers can not wait to get their hands on the iphone 5.

Some common features to all the iphones are the full touch screens and the availability of a camera. Though the first two models do not offer direct video recording, the last two do. The megapixels of the camera have been enhanced with the new models that have been introduced. The screens are fit with auto rotate systems. Wow right! Rotate it whichever way you want, your screen accommodates.  The touch screen display is also one of the best that are available. All of them have a TFT capacitive touch screen with 16 M color display. The color resolution is exemplary. All of them come fitted with a 3.5mm jack for headphones. A major plus point. All of them come fitted with Wi-Fi system in their bodies and bluetooth. Another major alluring point is that all the iphones come equipped with the TV out system.

Its functions are diverse. It can act as an ordinary cell phone to something as extraordinary as a small less sophisticated tab. Like any other phone, it provides us with the ability to make calls, texts and email. It wins over the other cell phones due to lesser number of clicks and taps that have to be used.  These applications have an easy access. They are all summed up on screens which can be dragged and changed. The applications function at just a few taps.

Another major feature introduced on the iphone is the iphone application. Iphone users can download applications from the internet and enhance their iphones functions to their hearts desires. There are some applications that are installed in the iphone itself. Some applications can function on all of the models. There are various though which are specific to the model. Some applications are free. Some cost about a dollar or two. The applications are versatile. They can be anything from games to something as important as navigation.

Iphones have also taken gaming to a whole new level. They started off with games where the controllers controlled with the help of physical motion like swinging (when it comes to bowling) and steering when it comes to driving and they have jumped onto creating games that are 3 D in nature.

One of its other extraordinary features is the multi touch facility which can help us to zoom out or zoom in by controlling our finger tips. This feature makes it a very good medium to help read ebooks. Although none of the iphones have the facility to add memory cards to boost their memory, with the enhancement in model the capacities have also increased. There are also variations amongst the major models on the basis of their memory.

Iphones have served as an important learning tool for students with the world undergoing modernization so has children’s learning. Many kids now days have the knowledge of various iphone applications. There are games for such young kids too ranging from shapes and colors to sums. Even for kids in schools and colleges it has placed an ever important role in their academics. Assignments can now be researched on in a matter of minutes on the iphone and the data can be assembled on the iphone and sent via it too. Professionals’ stand to gain a lot from such an advanced piece of technology from gaining instant access to their online data to easier downloads. There are applications that help keep an eye on the stock market. Voice memos have been introduced, nothing short of a personal secretary.  All the places that they gain access to are stored in history logs and these links provide shortcuts when they are needed to be accessed again.

The iphones are undoubtedly a legendary step to some extraordinary imminent advancement.

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