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iPhone TV Catchup

iPhone TV Catchup

Imagine a TV streaming service completely designed and optimised for iPhone and iPod Touch users. Imagine all the main UK TV channels, BBC 1, BBC2, Channel 4 etc available live in your hand on any wireless network. Well imagine no longer as iPhone has released a beta of their dedicated iPhone streaming service.


The service is simple to use, load up mobile Safari and visit  the bad news for some readers is the service is only available in the UK.

iPhone users who reside outside of the UK trying to access the site will be informed they are “not authorized” to view the content. This isn’t anything special to this application as Plex (read our favourite Plex apps here) users have seen this sort of country specific access on content for a few years now.

Obviously the service is clearly still in beta so it isn’t fair to be too critical. Initial impressions though are very positive, both the audio and picture quality are stunning.

The streaming feed appears to be around 15-20 seconds behind the broadcast version which is particularly impressive given we are viewing the TV in a web browser.

I did encounter a few problems with buffering (especially on Channel 4 for some reason). The feed would play perfectly for a five or ten minutes and then began to cut out. This could be a mix of the popularity of such a great new service or something as simple as my device polling email resulting in reduced bandwidth.

I tried to access the service over GPRS and although it allowed me to connected and attempted to buffer the content I couldn’t get it to play. This comes as no big surprise due the bandwidth hungry as I didn’t even expect to even get to the loading stage.


With Elgato’s EyeTV App for iPhone (read our review) for your home iPhone TV viewing there now isn’t a single excuse for missing your favourite TV programme.


TVCatchup iPhone

Update :

TV Catchup is now available for the Apple iPad. Read more here. To keep up to date on TVCatchup developments follow us on Twitter : @Totalapps

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