iPad 2 Tips and Tricks

Although, your new iPad 2 might not be as much featured or complicated as your desktop system or your laptop, but, inserting some quite neat tricks are still unable to make it to […]

Some Important Updates That Knocks In iOS 5

For the Apple, it might now seem like with every major update, the claim of being the ‘biggest ever is very naturally associated. In the case of iOS 5, however, it might not […]

iPad Vs. Netbook: A Very Close Call

From the time Steve Jobs stepped onto the stage and announced the launching of iPad, actual as well as prospective users of the device started comparing it with a netbook. The question was […]

How To Sustain Without a Jailbreak In iOS 5

The upcoming device from Apple, iOS 5 is yet to have an untethered jailbreak and, as a matter of fact, a tethered jailbreak is another form of a bummer. Although, the hackers of […]

Apple iOS 5

The latest operating system for Apple smartphone devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, is expected soon to hit the markets and it is expected that it will hold a whole lot of […]

The Week In iOS Accessories: Sounds good

The roundup of iOS accessories and features contains the usual add-ons of iPhones and iPads, but, the main focus in this week will be on the gadgets that will bring a new life […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Buying an iPhone

Since, Christmas holidays are on the side and will soon arrive at your doorstep, it is time you start planning about the gifts which make the special occasion even a memorable one. Many […]

iPad 2 Built In Apps

You don’t have to spend money and hours scrolling through the app store to find the perfect apps for your iPad 2. If you’re worried about how much money you’ll have to spend […]

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