Jasmine for iOS 6 Review

It is no secret that the iPhone 5 has a disappointing lack of any integrated YouTube access and if you do want to use it, you need to download the new official app […]

Weather 2x for iPhone Review

The iPhone is no stranger to weather apps as there is a multitude that offers various features. While some go into great detail, listing all the complicated meteorological information so that the true […]

Layout for iPad Review

They say every picture tells a story and there is no better way to achieve this than with a carefully assembled photo collage. However with digital photography taking over it seems this medium […]

Theodolite Update Announced for iPhone 5

While we wait for Apple to fix their new Maps app so that it actually operates with some degree of accuracy, there is another exciting app on the way that provides an alternative […]

iStop Motion for iPad Review

If you are a fan of stop motion animation and have always wanted to give it a go yourself then iStop Motion for the iPad may be a good place to start. While […]

How to Stop Waiting For Activation

activate iphone

Once you have set up iMessage it should perfectly without a hitch. However for some users who have either bought a new device or updated their version of iOS, the service can encounter […]

Photosynth for iPhone and iPad

Sometimes a photo is enough to capture a view. Generally people rarely take up enough space to require more than one at a time but when it comes to a larger view, such […]

Ecoute for iOS review

If you are not a fan of the iPhone’s music player and are looking for an inexpensive alternative that works well and has a superior layout and interface, then Ecoute may be the […]

iPhone – Get It Updated

It is enough whereupon you follow some advice of common sense and the battery of your iPhone will thank you for providing you more autonomy and lifetime utility. The fundamental thing is that […]

Put Your Tablet to Work

Tablet has become one of the essential gadgets that we use in our daily lives. Although, tablets are being used so as to insert the element of goodness within the work areas, but, […]

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