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iPhone Icons And What They Mean

The icons of the iPhone of Apple tends to change occasionally, thereby, leaving it users to be extremely confused up as to what exactly is going on within their iPhone device. These problems of iPhones are quite far from actual problems. They are simply information feedback which allows its user to determine what network is being used or to what are the active configurations on the iPhone. Below is a breakdown of all the iPhone 4 icons which can make your experience with your iPhone easy and all this information can also be finding on the manual of your iPhone as well.

 or Network Activity

The icon of the Network Activity is quite straight forward. If your iPhone is connected to an Internet service, or any of the other system networks, than this small wheel will start spinning. Through, this the user can easily identify when the smartphone is went idling. if you are sending an e-mail, the icon will keep on spinning until the e-mail has been delivered across the tubes. Many other applications also use this icon to let the user know that the application is still in process so, if the spinning is going on, avoid quitting the program as you might lose saved data.

 or VPN

It is basically a connection to the network over the web world. The ease of this feature is that the user can gain access to any service on the Internet as if the user is sitting in his/her office. For security purposes, there are plenty upsides for this which can be that if the user does not want his/her web traffic to go all across on the air than using this feature can probably be the best solution of your problem.

 or Call Forwarding

This icon is especially useful when the user gets tired of answering calls on the iPhone and has decided to forward the number to any other device attached with the iPhone than this small icon will display onto the menu bar. Such a feature comes in great use especially when the user goes out on a vacation or does not want to receive phone calls.

 or Locked

This icon indicates that your iPhone is locked but, problem is that if you are not good in remembering passwords, this option might not be suitable for you.

or 3G

This icon represents the type of the connection to the tower of the cell phone. Many of them are quite fast than others and offer a whole lot of best qualities on an overall basis. The current position is 3G, although, this is not the end of the road but, it is the bet which can be offered by Apple.  The service is quite fast and I there is anything that might not be offered by you telecommunication services, the 3G will offer you a lot more than that.

 or Wi-Fi

This icon of Wi-Fi offers the fastest possible data connection onto your iPhone unless there is a separate dial up modem connection at home. This means that the user is connected to a local internet connection which is used to transfer data on your phone.

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