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iPhone – Get It Updated

iPhone – Get It Updated

It is enough whereupon you follow some advice of common sense and the battery of your iPhone will thank you for providing you more autonomy and lifetime utility. The fundamental thing is that you maintain your iPhone remote of the sun and that you do not leave it in a car where it is warm, since the heat is the enemy major of the yield of your battery.

Some terms that you must know

By duration of the battery the time is understood that iPhone can work before it needs a charge. On the other hand, the life utility of the battery is the total time that will last your battery before having to charge it.

It consults the use statistics

In the section Time from the last load you will see two elements:

  • In use: the time that is been your iPhone wide-awake and active from the last full load. The telephone is wide-awake when flames, you use the electronic mail, listening music, sail by Internet, you send and you receive text messages, and during some tasks that are realized in background, like the automatic verification of mail.
  • In rest: the time that is been your iPhone ignited from the last full load, including the time in which been it has slept.

Update to the most recent software

You are sure always of which of your iPhone has the most recent software of Apple, since the engineers continuously strive to optimize the yield of the battery. By means of the last version of     iTunes, you can update your iPhone with the last software. It connects your iPhone to the computer and selects iPhone in the list of Sources. In the eyelash Summary, you click in Looking for updates to see if a new version of the software of iPhone exists. Finally, you click in Updating to install the last version.

  • He diminishes the use of the services of location. The programs that use the services of location, like Maps, can reduce the duration of the battery. In order to deactivate the services of location, go to Adjustments > General > Services of location or only use the services of location when you need them.
  • Push deactivates the notifications: Some applications of the App Store use this service of notifications of Apple to warn you when new information exists. Such applications (as those of instantaneous mail) consume more battery. In order to deactivate the notifications push, go to Adjustments > Notifications and deactivate this option. Then in account that you will continue receiving the new information when the application is in use. In addition, you will not be able to see the adjustments of the notifications if you do not have installed any compatible application with the notifications push.
  • Unloading new data with less frequency. Applications as Mail can be formed to unload data in concrete intervals. The more often unloading of data takes place, the more quickly your battery will tend to run out. In order to unload new data by hand, in the beginning screen it chooses Adjustments > Mail, contacts, calendars > download new data and touches Manually. In order to provide space between the unloading interval, go to Adjustments > Mail, contacts, calendars > download new data and is called on Hourly. Then in account that this adjustment is global and that affects to all the incompatible programs with the services of automatic update push.
  • It deactivates the Wi-Fi connection. If you do not use the Wi-Fi networks habitually, you can disconnect this connection to save energy. In Adjustments > Wi-Fi, deactivates the function. Then in account that if you often use iPhone to sail by Internet, the autonomy of your telephone could improve using Wi-Fi instead of networks of movable telephony.

  • It deactivates Bluetooth. If you usually do not use earpieces or hands free Bluetooth, you can deactivate the Bluetooth to save energy. General go to Adjustments > > Bluetooth and deactivate this function.
  • It fits the brightness. To extinguish the screen is another form to extend the duration of the battery. In Adjustments > brightness, moves the bar towards the left to lower the brightness of the screen established by defect. In addition, activating automatic brightness, the screen will be regulated according to the conditions of light of every moment. In Adjustments > brightness, activates the option of automatic Brightness.

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