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iPhone Applications For Social Networks

There is a majority of smartphones users who browse of social networks via their handset. As a matter of fact, according to a research made in this regard, Ofcom pointed out that categorizing several aspects, social networking turned out to be the most popular Internet based cell phone activity, having a smart ratio of 57 percent of the smartphone owners admitting that they tend to visit several of the social networking websites such as the most popular Facebook, from their phone. In this regard, there have been developed several applications especially for the iPhones category of Apple which tends to improve the experience related to the social networking browsing. below mentioned are some of the favorite applications which are as a matter of fact, free of cost too.

Google Plus (+)

Through this application, the iPhone user is kept up-to-date with the social network created by Google. The social interface has been developed under the name of Google + and can be easily accessed via your iPhone. Moreover, it also adds in Mobile Hangouts and allows the user to make a video chat with up to nine friends and family members that are also a part of the social network.


If you are a Twitter as well as Facebook user, the process of opening up of different applications and viewing as to what are the latest updates, can be a very time-consuming application. For this to ease up, there has been developed an application under the name of Tweetdeck which has been designed to bring in feeds of two social networking sites into one single platform so as to make it easy in keeping track of what is going on latest within the social circle.


This is another iPhone compatible application through which the user can share several types of applications, images, pictures, messages, music, locations, and calendar events and can develop several other contacts as well. Moreover, through this app, you can also become a Twitter site follower or even a Facebook friend by simply bumping up your hands together.

Smartsync for Facebook

This application of the iPhone is very much loved by its users as it tends to update all the contacts saved within the smartphone in accordance to their current status, latest profile picture along with their birthday update that is taken from the Facebook up gradation section.

Find My Friends

As the name implies, this application compatible to iPhone is not only associated with conducting an online chatting experience. Rather, the Find My Friend program, allows the user to locate out their friends or other associates which are also a user of the Apple iPhone. This process is performed via a map on the iPhone device. Through this application, the user can detect if they are close to you, which is very useful for conducting a face-to-face chatting session, as if they are nearby, you can always go and meet them. However, in order to make full use of the application, there is compulsory requirement of having an iCloud and an iOS account onto your iPhone device.

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