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iPhone 6 Unboxing Video Gives Us Clues To New Design

Some of the many iPhone 6 unboxing video’s on the internet are giving us a detailed look at what we may be able to expect from the new iPhone 6.

The videos seem to show a thinner design, larger screen size and the incorporated fingerprint sensor on the front, but the best part about the video above is that it features a fully functioning clone.

Now, lets not get carried away here, its a clone and yet it does not function anywhere near as good as a real iPhone, but it does give us a good idea of what a fully functioning iPhone 6 may look like.

The iPhone 6 event is looking set for September 9th with a live press event on the cards and we expect that apple may even stream the event.

MacReviews will be covering the event live throughout the day with articles and a live stream from our new Studio within the UK.

MacReviews features the latest Apple news from within the UK and around the world, we are currently one of the biggest Apple Fan Websites in Europe and cover the latest events, news and rumours for Apple products.


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