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Nine New Things Apple Should Introduce With the iPhone 6

After the release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, we can now feel the anticipation building up over the upcoming iPhone 6. Apple’s next generation smartphone would deliver the richness in feature and value that people would like to see. However, with the disappointingly weak sales of the iPhone 5C, Apple may need to add the following things to make the iPhone 6 irresistible

iphone6 concept by pritesh chavan

  1. Larger display: If you have been following Apple for the past few years, it is clear that the company is quite reluctant to adopt bigger display size. However, consumers are demanding for larger screen and it is predicted that the device will have a reasonably large 4.8-inch display. Also, there’s a possibility that Apple will use the edge-to-edge design. When we place the iPhone 5S alongside current high-end devices in the market, such as Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nokia Lumia 1520, it becomes clear that Apple’s best device looks rather puny. So, it is possible that Apple will address this with the iPhone 6.
  2. Better processor: Nearly all new iPhone models come with newer processor that improves usability and deliver faster performance. Since the iPhone 6 is a major release, it would make sense for Apple to use an improved version of A7 processor or even the A8 processor. Newest iPhone models consistently come first in benchmark results and Apple needs to maintain the leading position.
  3. Better battery life: One big complaint users would have with the original iPhone 5 and the iOS 7 is the reduced battery life. It would be great if Apple can enhance the battery life of iPhone 6. While Apple officially claims that talk time of iPhone 5S with 3G network is ten hours, users find that the device runs out juice much sooner.
  4. Infrared sensor: Samsung offers full IR capability with the Galaxy S4, allowing users to turn their device into a remote controller to just about any device with integrated infrared capability. Granted, this is a rather old technology, but as more TV manufacturers are offering support for smartphone integration, this could be a good move right now.
  5. Offer wireless charging: We heard some speculation that the iPhone 5S will have a built-in wireless charging capability, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. It could be a good idea for Apple to adopt an improved wireless charging method with the magnetic resonance technology. This would eliminate the need for a charging pad.
  6. Camera with near-professional quality: Apple improves camera on most of its new iPhone models, so it won’t be too surprising for anyone if the iPhone 6 brings something different. Competing high-end devices are now equipped with 13Mp camera sensor or other improved technologies, such as PureView and UltraPixel. The rear-facing camera of the iPhone 5S is equipped with true tone flash and five-element lens, which are nice. But surely, there are many other things Apple can do.
  7. New material: The original iPhone came with plastic chassis and then the company went with glass and aluminum. We heard rumors that Apple has experimented with liquid metal and sapphire, so hopefully these exotic materials would make sense in mobile.
  8. Additional wireless technologies: We heard that Apple would introduce NFC (near-field communication) implementation, but Apple hasn’t obliged. Many loyal Apple fans would argue that NFC has limited usability, but as what we have seen; things that the company adds to its devices tend to become new trends in the industry. It is also rather disappointing that the iPhone 5S came with only the WiFi 802.11n standard. The new 802.11ac offers greater range and better throughput, so it would be nice if the iPhone 6 comes with the improved wireless technology.
  9. More storage options: It is also disappointing that iPhone 5S didn’t come with more storage options. Users can only get the 32GB and 64GB options. It would make sense to have a 128GB iPhone 6, since the iPad 5 also comes in 128GB version.

iphone 6 concept

iphone 6 concept edge to edge

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